How to Order an Accessible Uber

How to Order an Accessible Uber

orduberWAV is an accessibility program launched by Uber that connects riders with physical disabilities to drivers who drive accessible vehicles including wheelchair ramps, lifts, etc. uberASSIST connects users to trained drivers who know how to provide door-to-door service, including coaching in how to fold wheelchairs and other mobility devices and general accessibility awareness. The mission of these accessibility programs are to design features that specifically improve efficiency, ease, and reliability for riders with ambulatory disabilities.  

For every options available on Uber, the amount charged for your ride will be the price presented upon booking. Offered at the same rate as a standard uberX ride, uberWAV and uberASSIST give users with limited mobility full control of their experience, all from their mobile device. However, before these programs were launched, Uber has integrated universal design features such as prepaying for your ride to eliminate the need to hold a wallet and enter your destination address without having to explain to the driver where you need to go.


“By launching [uberWAV], Uber is offering people requiring wheelchair accessible vehicles the opportunity to request an on-demand ride with the touch of a button. As an organization that works to improve the quality of life for individuals with disabilities, I applaud Uber for expanding options for those of us desiring wheelchair accessible vehicles.” 

—Eric Lipp, Executive Director of Open Doors Organization


So, how do you order an uberWAV or uberASSIST?

Step 1: Type in your current location and destination.

Uber destination search


Step 2: From this page, navigate to the right 3 times where the two bubbles are located on the screen until you reach the “more” page.

Order uberX


Step 3: Select either “ASSIST” or “WAV” and click request.

Uber "more" tab with ASSIST and WAV

Last year, we accompanied Tecla user Carolyn as she ordered an uberWAVE ride. Check out the video below.

Download the Uber app in the App Store and on Google Play to order your first ride today.

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