tecla-e is the newest version of Tecla. The cloud-connected assistive device provides users with control of their smart-devices and environment. 

tecla-e is for anyone who cannot easily use a smartphone, tablet computer or household technology independently. This includes those with limited upper-body mobility resulting from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or stroke.

Whether you want to send and receive emails or text messages, browse the web, watch videos, launch and use your favourite apps, read a book, change the TV channel, adjust the room's temperature or make a phone call -- tecla-e provides you with hands-free access to do it.


Built-in Button

tecla-e itself is a light-touch button switch that can be used to control your devices. It requires about 200 gr of force for activation. Due to the built-in radios, it should not be positioned close to the user’s head.

Multiple Device Control

tecla-e can pair with up to eight (8) Bluetooth devices and the user can switch between them by pressing and holding one of their switches. Compatible devices are:

Internet-enabled Appliance Control

Tecla-e can control Internet-enabled appliances via its WiFi connection, this is done through smart home platforms/services. Tecla-e currently supports devices through IFTTT and devices controlled by Logitech’s Harmony Hub.

Remote Monitoring

Tecla-e has GPS, temperature, motion and light sensors. The information gathered by these sensors can be uploaded to the cloud and accessed through the Tecla apps for iOS and Android. The user can make this information available to family and caregiver who have also downloaded the app for extra peace of mind.

App Enabled

The new Tecla app for iOS and Android has three functions:

  1. Hardware Set-Up: You can use the app to customize how your tecla-e works.
  2. Soft Remote: The app has a fully customizable remote, where you can create buttons for phone functions (direct dials, text messages, etc) or to control your Internet-enabled appliances.
  3. Remote Monitoring: Sensor information from the tecla-e hardware  (GPS, motion, surrounding temperature and light conditions) can be accessed through the app. This information can be shared with family and caregivers that have downloaded the app and created an account.

Compatible Assistive Devices

Switches: You can connect two single or dual ability switches with a ⅛” or 3.5mm connector. These include jelly bean switches, buddy buttons, sip and puff switches, etc.

Wheelchair Driving Control: You can use the driving control of your wheelchair with tecla-e if your wheelchair is equipped with an Environmental Control Unit (ECU) or Input/Output Module (IOM). This is an add-on for wheelchairs that allows them to control external devices.


Wireless Wheelchair Control: New wheelchair driving controls from Adaptive Switches Laboratories (ASL) wirelessly connect to tecla-e so there is no need to connect tecla-e to the wheelchair electronics.


More features:




Is tecla-e available now?

Not yet, we’ll start pre-orders soon and it will begin shipping in July 2017.

How much is it?

The pre-order price of a tecla-e is $399 USD. Once the pre-order period is over, it will cost $499 USD.

Is there a mount? How much is it?

There is a mount to attach the tecla-e to round and square tubing for $99. tecla-e is also compatible with standard camera mounts.

How does the device communicates with smart home technology?

Tecla-e connects to WiFi to control Internet-enabled appliances compatible with Logitech’s Harmony Hub (additional hardware required) or IFTTT. To control other appliances like TVs or cable boxes the Harmony Hub is required).

What are the differences between the Tecla Shield and tecla-e?

The Tecla Shield is a wireless assistive device that allows users to control their smartphone, tablet or computer using ability switches of the driving controls of their wheelchair. The Tecla Shield connect to one Bluetooth device at a time and provides a very reliable and stable connection. A comparison chart can be found here.

tecla-e is a wireless assistive device that can control multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, Apple TV, Internet-enabled appliances) and can report its location and conditions around via a mobile app:

Device Control

How many devices can you control?

You can connect up to eight (8) Bluetooth-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, Apple TV) and switch between them.

How does the switching work?

Device switching can be customized with the Tecla app for iOS and Android. Out-of-the-box tecla-e switches between devices in the order in which they were paired when you press and hold a switch for 3 seconds.


Smart Home Control

How does it work?

tecla-e and the Tecla app for iOS and Android can control Internet-enabled appliances. This is done through services like IFTTT and hardware 3rd-party hardware like Logitech’s Harmony Hub. You can assign a switch connected to the tecla-e or a button on the remote app to control an IFTTT compatible device or a Harmony activity.

What devices that are compatible?

The Harmony Hub is compatible with more than 270,000 smart home and entertainment devices. You can control light bulbs, thermostats, TVs, etc. You can control WiFi and Infrared devices with the Harmony Hub. IFTTT is a platform that allows you to create “applets”, recipes that can connect various services together. Tecla is a service that can be used to trigger events in other services, many smart home devices are services in IFTTT.

We’ve tested the Harmony Hub to turn TVs on and off, control lights and other appliances. With IFTTT you can also control lights and lamps from Philips Hue and other appliances like fans or heaters with something like WeMo switches.


Remote Monitoring

How does it work?

Tecla-e has a cellular connection to the cloud that can report its status every 20 minutes. It reports its battery level, location, recent activity and temperature and light conditions around it.

What sensors does it have?

tecla-e has GPS, temperature, motion and light sensors.

How do you access the information?

Tecla-e Remote Monitoring can be accessed through the Tecla app for iOS and Android. The device owner and people he/her has invited through the app can access the information.

Tecla App for iOS and Android

When is the app going to be available?

The app will be available when tecla-e starts shipping.

What the cost of the app?

The app is free. Remote Monitoring is an in-app subscription.


How do you charge the device?

The tecla-e has a rechargeable battery and it’s recharged via the USB-C port with a standard USB cable.  

Can these devices be powered/charged off a power wheelchair?

The tecla-e and Tecla Shield charge via Standard USB cables (USB-C for tecla-e, USB micro for Tecla Shield). The easiest way to charge from the wheelchair is to get an adapter to get a USB port out of the wheelchair battery. Check with your wheelchair vendor for options.



Can the tecla-e be leased/purchased through ADP Communication Aids funding?

Not yet, the Tecla Shield is available under ADP but tecla-e is not.

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