Introducing Obi: Experience Independent Eating

A revolutionary eating device for individuals with upper extremity strength and mobility limitations.

*Ships within Canada Only

With Obi, you are entirely in control of what to eat and when. The system is simple and intuitive. Its customizable switch accessibility function will allow you to be in complete control.

Obi will increase your independence, social interaction, meal enjoyment, and well-being.

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Who is OBI for?

eating devices for people with Quadriplegia

Arthrogryposis Multiple Congenita (AMC)

Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Cerebral Palsy

eating devices for people with Quadriplegia

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)

Essential Tremor

Muscular Dystrophy

Multiple Sclerosis

eating devices for people with Quadriplegia

Parkinson’s Disease


Brain Injury (TBI)

Spinal Cord Injury

Other Conditions Impacting Upper Extremities

The benefits of Obi may include:

Obi Robot eating device users


Possible prevention of aspiration, heartburn, indigestion, acid in stomach and choking as a result of user having control over the food selection and pace of their meal.

Users may manage their hunger and fullness better by deciding how much to eat.

Possible increase in nutrition and caloric intake, leading to weight gain, which can be beneficial for many conditions.

May help conserve energy for conditions that have low energy reserves through use of an aid for daily living. 

Obi Robot Assistive Technology Users


Possible increase in emotional and psychological sense of well-being as a result of increased independence and control over the vital activity of feeding oneself. 

May help promote a positive outlook and greater satisfaction with eating. Users often no longer view eating as something they must do, but now look forward to meals with their family and friends.

May eliminate the conspicuousness and frustration of being fed by a caregiver.

Obi Robot Adaptive Feeding Users


May increase social inclusion and participation during mealtime.

Allows for more conventional meals with family and friends as opposed to being fed before, after or being disruptive to someone else’s meal.

Allows for uninterrupted conversation and connection during mealtime.

May increase interaction and communication with others.

How does Obi work?

Obi allows you to select between four food compartments and command when the food is captured and delivered to the mouth.

Obi can be operated by individuals with the ability to use one or two accessibility switches. Switches range from light touch buttons to devices activated by head movements or blowing.

Obi Robot adaptive technology users

Who can use Obi?

Obi is safe and can be successfully operated for users with the following abilities:

● Chew and swallow without assistance.
● Ability to use any accessibility switch such as a Buddy Button or Sip and Puff.
● Maintain a sufficiently upright position.
●Sufficient head control to receive and swallow food.
● Ability to understand the correct use of the device
● Cognitive capability to operate a simple machine.
● Ability to make decisions about food selection and consumption.

What food can Obi handle?

Due to its effective control and smooth movement, Obi works with almost any food as long as it is prepared correctly!

Solid food

Food should be between the size of a grape and pea, larger solid foods should be cut to these sizes.

Liquid foods

Soup, stew, cereal, pudding, etc.

Sticky foods

For dense foods such as mac & cheese or mashed potatoes, adding extra cream, butter, cheese, or broth is recommended to avoid the food clumping together.

*A request does not guarantee a trial or in-service will be approved. Due to high volume of requests, there are a few qualifications that must be met before your request is approved, which will be discussed after submitting a form.

Available Accessories

● Spoons (large & small)

● Plates

● Placemats

● Pressure Switches

● Charging Cables

● Carrying Box

Interested in Obi?

Interested in Obi?

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Obi Robot adaptive equipment users

"Obi goes where Tenley goes, and she says she feels more comfortable and safer having some control. 'Now no one puts the spoon too far in my throat,' she says."

"Technology and Tenacity Are Keys to Tenley's Independence"

- Quote from MonTech Article

– Tenley
Obi Robot adaptive equipment users
Obi Robot accessibility technology users

”Before I had the Obi, I had to be fed and I kind of felt like a baby, but with this, I can feed myself, so I don't feel like a baby." 

– Heath
Obi Robot accessibility technology users
Obi Robot Adaptive eating device users

“As my arms weakened further, Obi became a daily helper at the dining table. Caryn and I could just enjoy our meals.
Because I did not need to “be fed” before or after Caryn ate hers. Nor did we need to play the other game - 1 for you - 1 for me.”

- Ken
Obi Robot Adaptive eating device users
Obi Robot eating device users

"Obi has given me back the ability to feed myself and has helped me gain back ten pounds. This is the first time I've ever gained something since my diagnosis."

– David H.
Obi Robot eating device users
Obi Robot eating device users

“I love Obi because it gives me a sense of independence and freedom to have choices about what I eat throughout the day, when I eat, and just really allows me to have energy so that I can do my job and be productive. So it’s changed my life!”

- Kevin
Obi Robot eating device users
Obi Robot eating device users

“To grant someone leisure time during a meal, whether it’s for the user or the caregiver, it is truly a sweet gift for your lifestyle. (The same goes for allowing one to enjoy social meals again, freeing up the user or a caregiver to talk.) A meal becomes something to look forward to again, instead of a box to be checked and get past.”

- John
Obi Robot eating device users
Accessible feeding users device


Try Obi and experience independent eating for yourself or with a client at your facility!

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What type of switches can Obi Robot Operate?

Obi is compatible with many switches that utilize a 3.5mm headphone jack adaptor.

Pressure switches, Pad Switches, Light touch Switch, Pillow Switches,
Sip & Puff are some of switches that works with Obi Robot.

What Utensils Does Obi Come With?

Obi comes with two spoons, one “large” and one “small”. The difference in the spoon size can be seen in the depth of the utensil. From above, the spoons are the same dimensions. User preference usually dictates which spoon is used, but we typically recommend the larger spoon for more chunky or cumbersome foods.

Can I Adhere the Spoon To The Arm? Why Is There A Spoon Magnet?

Obi’s spoon was designed with safety in mind. Obi’s spoon adheres to the arm with a magnet that results in the spoon flexing or falling off if it is met with force. This can be frustrating for some clients who may bite down or have spasticity in their head and neck. On occasion, we have been asked if the spoon and be somehow
adhered to the arm. Unfortunately, we cannot adhere the spoon to the arm for safety reasons which may mean that certain individuals are not suitable candidates for Obi.

When & Why Does Obi Reposition The Food?

After 6 scoops in a bowl, Obi will scrape the sides of the the bowls and reposition the food to make sure the food is in the middle of the bowl. This feature cannot be initiated by the user, it will happen automatically.

Can I return Obi Robot if I'm dissatisfied?

An unopened, unused, or lightly used Obi generally may be returned within 14 days of the shipping date for a

A restocking fee may apply.

How much warranty time does obi have?

Obi Robot has a limited warranty term of 12 months from the date or shipment or after the first 400 hours of usage, whichever occurs first.

Only manufacturing defects of materials or workmanship are covered when Obi is used properly and maintained in
accordance with all instructions. This Warranty is void if Obi is improperly handled, dropped, put in the microwave,
or exposed to excessive liquids. In addition, any attempt(s) to open or dismantle Obi, including the Arm or Base
assembly, will void this Warranty.

The Limited Warranty excludes Spoons, Plates, Placemats, and switches. Spoons, Plates, Placemats, and switches
are non-returnable once used.

Obi Robot eating device