tecla-e FAQ


Is tecla-e available now?

Yes! You can order it today from our product page.

How much is it?

The price of a tecla-e is $499 USD. 

Is there a mount? How much is it?

There is a mount to attach the tecla-e to round and square tubing for the price of $119 USD. tecla-e is also compatible with standard camera mounts.

How does the device communicate with smart home technology?

tecla-e connects to WiFi to control Internet-enabled appliances compatible with Logitech’s Harmony Hub (additional hardware required) or IFTTT. To control other appliances like TVs or cable boxes the Harmony Hub is required).

What are the differences between the Tecla Shield and tecla-e?

The Tecla Shield is a wireless assistive device that allows users to control their smartphone, tablet or computer using ability switches of the driving controls of their wheelchair. The Tecla Shield connect to one Bluetooth device at a time and provides a very reliable and stable connection. A comparison chart can be found here.

tecla-e is a wireless assistive device that can control multiple devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, Apple TV, Internet-enabled appliances) and can report its location and conditions around via a mobile app:

  • The entire devices is a light touch button switch (around 200 gr of force required for activation)
  • It can be paired with multiple Bluetooth devices and the user can independently switch between them
  • Can control Internet-enabled appliances through services like IFTTT and compatible hardware like Logitech’s Harmony Hub
  • It has a 3G connection used to report its location (GPS) and sensor information (temperature, motion, light)

Can I sell or loan tecla-e devices through my AT store or resource centre?
Yes, tecla-e is available for resale. We recommend for Tecla resellers and assistive technology resource centres to sign up for our free online course that provides an overview of tecla-e, how it works, and how to setup and use tecla-e with multiple devices. Contact sales@gettecla.com for more information.

Device Control

How many devices can you control?

You can connect up to eight (8) Bluetooth (BLE)-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, computers, Apple TV) and switch between them.

How does switching between devices work?

Device switching can be customized with the Tecla app for iOS and Android. Out-of-the-box tecla-e switches between devices in the order in which they were paired when you press and hold a switch for 3 seconds.

How do I connect a second Bluetooth device?

If you disconnect tecla-e from a paired device (by turning off Bluetooth on the target device) or if you press and hold the sliding switch to the third position for 5 secs it will go into discoverable mode and you’ll be able to pair with a 2nd (or more) device.


Smart Home Control

How does it work?

tecla-e and the Tecla app for iOS and Android can control Internet-enabled appliances. This is done through services like IFTTT and hardware 3rd-party hardware like Logitech’s Harmony Hub. You can assign a switch connected to the tecla-e or a button on the remote app to control an IFTTT compatible device or a Harmony activity.

What devices that are compatible?

The Harmony Hub is compatible with more than 270,000 smart home and entertainment devices. You can control light bulbs, thermostats, TVs, etc. You can control WiFi and Infrared devices with the Harmony Hub. IFTTT is a platform that allows you to create “applets”, recipes that can connect various services together. Tecla is a service that can be used to trigger events in other services, many smart home devices are services in IFTTT.

We’ve tested the Harmony Hub to turn TVs on and off, control lights and other appliances. With IFTTT you can also control lights and lamps from Philips Hue and other appliances like fans or heaters with something like WeMo switches.


Remote Monitoring

How does it work?

tecla-e has a cellular connection to the cloud that can report its status every 20 minutes. It reports its battery level, location, recent activity and temperature and light conditions around it. Please note remote monitoring is only available in North America.

What sensors does it have?

tecla-e has location, temperature, motion and ambient light sensors.

How do you access the information?

tecla-e Remote Monitoring can be accessed through the Tecla app for iOS and Android. The device owner and people he/her has invited through the app can access the information.

Tecla App for iOS and Android

Where can I download the app?

The tecla-e companion app is available for iOS devices in the App Store and Android devices in Google Play.

What the cost of the app?

The app is free. Remote Monitoring is an in-app subscription.


How do you charge the device?

The tecla-e has a rechargeable battery and it’s recharged via the USB-C port with a standard USB cable.  

Can these devices be powered/charged off a power wheelchair?

The tecla-e and Tecla Shield charge via Standard USB cables (USB-C for tecla-e, USB micro for Tecla Shield). The easiest way to charge from the wheelchair is to get an adapter to get a USB port out of the wheelchair battery. Check with your wheelchair vendor for options.

How do you know when the device is fully charged?

When you connect tecla-e to recharge an orange light next to the connector will indicate is charging, when the device is fully charged this light will go off.

How do you know when you need to charge your device or your device battery level is low?

There are a few ways to check the battery level on tecla-e, the Tecla apps for iOS and Android will show the battery level on the hardware. Also, the status indicator on the tecla-e will blink orange when the battery level is under 25%. 


Can the tecla-e be leased/purchased through ADP Communication Aids funding?

Not yet, the Tecla Shield is available under ADP but tecla-e is not.

You can find funding resources based on State or Province here.