5 Switch Accessible Gaming Apps for iOS

5 Switch Accessible Gaming Apps for iOS

Infographic: 5 switch-accessible gaming apps for iOS

Discovering that the latest adventure game in the App store was not designed with integrated accessibility features is frustrating and makes the experience more tedious than fun. That's why we've compiled 5 of the top game apps on iOS that were specifically designed for Switch Control users.


1. Inclusive Technology Ltd

Inclusive Technology Ltd has over 50 accessible apps in the App Store and is a pioneer in accessible educational software including HelpKidzLearn and ChooseIt! Maker 3. Here are a few examples of switch accessible apps created by Inclusive Technology Ltd:


a) Little Lost Penguin

Little Lost Penguin

Help the hungry little penguin find his way home. An easy to play touch and single-switch accessible game involving watching and waiting for the right moment to overcome the obstacles including a killer whale, the polar bear, and other chilly dangers.


b) Bumper Cars

Bumper Cars app

For the development of two switch skills, touch either of the bumper cars or press one of your switches to try to knock the other car off the screen. The game restarts when the display belonging to either car reaches 10 points.


c) Train Tracker

Train tracker app

App description: Choose your train and then build a track from a choice of straights, curves and cross-over tiles. Select ‘play’ and your engine and coaches, full of passengers, will steam around your track with great sound effects. Select ‘stop’ to alter or extend your layout.


d) Jungle Adventure

Jungle adventure app

App description: Collect six gold coins to win the treasure. An easy to play touch and single-switch accessible game involving watching and waiting for the right moment to overcome the obstacles including a fiery furnace, a rolling log, and other hazards.


2. Catch The Cow

Catch the Cow app

This app is a game that helps amateur Switch Control users learn and be comfortable with scanning. It introduces more complex scanning patterns as the user progresses. For example, the first level would be to simply select the red button. More boxes are added to the grid so that the user must scan rows and columns to select the cow. The game keeps track of the user’s score and shows a percentage of hits, and tries to see how accuracy improves over time.


3. Switch Accessible Mazes

Switch accessible mazes

There are 4 apps that make up the series: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and the free Lite Version, all of which can be accessed with two switches using step-scanning or with one switch using auto-scan. In each of the apps, the player maneuvers a car or arrow using switches or touch to reach the ending point.


4. Switch Box Invaders

Switch box invaders

Switched Box Invaders is an addicting and fast-paced app seemingly inspired by the retro classic Galaga. The game requires timed switch activation and is suitable for switches that have a fast response rate. There is an option to adjust the speed for beginners who want to start out with slower invaders or for users with slower switch response.

Quick Start for iOS Switch Control

  • Use 'Tap Middle of Screen' as your Launch Recipe
  • Alternatively, map a switch to 'Tap Middle of Screen'
  • Leave the 'Legacy Switch Control' option in the app's settings disabled
  • A scannable game options menu is available via the main iOS Settings


5. Scan and Match

Scan and Match app

Scan and Match is an educational switch-accessible matching game for learners of all abilities.

Key features:

  • Solve by matching full-color objects to color, grayscale or outlined objects.
  • Control animations speeds
  • Record student scores with fun baseball-like scoreboard
  • Cause and effect mode
  • Single-switch timed auto-scan or 2- or 3-switch step scanning
  • Scan sequentially or in random order
  • Scan immediately or on cue

If you know any fun apps available on either iOS or Android, comment below!

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All images sourced from the App Store.

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