With over 4000+ Tecla Users around the world, tecla-e is taking the accessibility world by storm. 

Discover what our users have to say:


"It was a BIG DEAL getting Tecla. With being connected to technology, there is so much I can do independently. Even if it is little, like banking. Tecla is one of the single most important devices in my life."


"I use the Tecla to control both my Macs to edit videos, run my business, communicate with people all over the world, play games and browse the internet. Before, I was limited to only one computer and I had to have my switch hard-wired to it. Now I can come and go from the computer and change computers independently."


"I’m more like everyone else. I can post photos of my dinner and check Facebook all day long."


"It was love at first sight. I could not wait to get one of my own. I will never forget the feeling of not wanting to return it."


"Before Tecla, if my husband had a problem in the middle of the night, I would not be able to call for help."


"The tablet is literally the control centre of my entire life; I use it for all home automation functions. Without it, I would not have the independence that I now enjoy."


"For safety, it's a huge improvement because I am now able to call for help, whether it be text email or my phone app."


"As the Director of Policy for a healthcare company, when I am lobbying at the state capital, I can coordinate with colleagues, confirm appointments, check email etc. It is fabulous not having to ask for assistance from a personal assistant."


"I use my phone for everything to be a man, a human, and a business owner. My iPhone is my world, and that only works because of Tecla.”


"Without having access to your phone, there is no such thing as having a private conversation without your caregiver peeking over your shoulder. Now, I can control my cellphone as if I had my hands. It is a dream come true."


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