T.K. – A busy attorney with a competitive edge

T.K., who lives in Brooklyn, New York, started using Tecla in 2014.

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"It is definitely less stressful being more independent. Not being able to call someone for help is a generally anxious condition. Now, with Tecla, I feel more secure and in control."


On why he was first drawn to Tecla:

Firstly, my friend Daniel Florio told me about it and then it was brought to my attention by the people at Adaptive Switch Laboratories. One of your employees, Mauricio, was sharing a booth with them at the New York Metro Abilities Expo. It was an immediate game changer and has been very helpful!


On how his confidence improved with Tecla:

I definitely feel much more confident and secure in being left alone. As someone who needs help almost 24/7, being able to have some “alone time” is important. As long as my phone and Tecla are charged, help is only a phone call away. Another great benefit of the Tecla is in my contributions at work. I am more productive and professional.


"As the director of policy for a healthcare company, when I am lobbying at the state capital, I can coordinate with colleagues, confirm appointments, check email etc. It is fabulous not having to ask for assistance from a personal assistant."


On new interests and hobbies:

I read much more now. Before I got the Tecla, I could only read on the computer. Now, I email chapters of books to myself and then can read them in Gmail. 


On the greatest change he's seen within himself since using Tecla:

The biggest improvement is in being professional and productive. As an attorney, I’ve always struggled with not quite being able to compete with my colleagues due to technical limitations and my disability. Now, I can much more credibly keep up with my work.


On communicating with his friends and family:

Texting has become part of my routine for work, coordinating my care, as well as keeping in touch with family and friends. Before I couldn’t do them at all, now I can.