David is a Quality Assurance Technician who lives with a form of muscular dystrophy in Port Coquitlam, B.C. He's been using Tecla since the very beginning to increase his independence and safety.

"I’m more like everyone else. I can post photos of my dinner and check Facebook all day long :)"


On life before Tecla:

I had been wanting to use a cellphone for a while and realized there was nothing available for someone like me who has limited use of their hands. Around this time, I started working as a Quality Assurance Technician for Ayogo and we were building more games for mobile. I was unable to test on devices and was worried I may lose my job.


On life with Tecla:

I use Tecla for doing QA testing, playing games, controlling TV, controlling Xbox, Nest Protect, Nest drop cam, and taking pictures. I now have more freedom to call and text people when I want.

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