David – Continued to work as a Quality Assurance Technician

David is a Quality Assurance Technician who lives with a form of muscular dystrophy in Port Coquitlam, B.C. He's been using Tecla since the very beginning to increase his independence and safety.View Product

"I’m more like everyone else. I can post photos of my dinner and check Facebook all day long :)" 

On life before Tecla:

I had been wanting to use a cellphone for a while and realized there was nothing available for someone like me who has limited use of their hands. Around this time, I started working as a Quality Assurance Technician for Ayogo and we were building more games for mobile. I was unable to test on devices and was worried I may lose my job.

On life with Tecla:

I use Tecla for doing QA testing, playing games, controlling TV, controlling Xbox, Nest Protect, Nest drop cam, and taking pictures. I now have more freedom to call and text people when I want.


David passed away on July 20, 2018, surrounded by family and loved ones. We hope to preserve David's memory as our social media guru that always shared his support for Tecla and how it impacted his life.