Makes a phone call after 25 years

Maggie is 72 years old and lives with multiple sclerosis. She's been using Tecla to access her smartphone via her Micro Light Switch since 2016.

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Maggie makes her first phone call in 25 years: 

Maggie's favourite thing to do might be to ring up her husband, "Lover Boy." Watch her make her first phone call in 25 years:

"I'm very excited about using new technology that will help me!" This technology is made to help people with similar challenges do certain tasks independently. 

For Maggie, her concern was, “If my husband had a problem, in the middle of the night, I wouldn’t be able to call for help”. We introduced her to our Albenet Micro Light Switch and Tecla Phone Mount – a switch and mount that work with the Tecla Shield for her specific needs.

After 25 years, she is now finally able to make calls independently. “I clicked my chin, and I phoned you!", she said during her first call. Then jokingly added, “So now you’re going to get sick of my calls”.

See what Maggie does for exercise: 

Next, Maggie gives us a quick insight on how she stays active!

Maggie goes to a location called Therapeutics where with the use of a harness and mechanical legs, she goes on a treadmill and walks for an hour. She also does stretches with the assistance of the team.

“They put on good music, and I go!”

Learn how Maggie first found out about Tecla:

Finally, we discussed how Maggie discovered Tecla!

Maggie’s Occupational Therapist told her “about this fellow called Mauricio”. She tells us how she didn't have much luck getting someone to help her with a computer. She says that previously, “They used just a big laptop, and they hooked up wires.” Simply put, “It wasn’t working”.

So then, following the advice of her therapist, she reached out to our team. She came to us with one request, “I need help with an iPad” – which we gladly accepted. We attached a headset which enabled her to control her computer.

“It’s given me terrific freedom!”, Thank you Maggie, for your kind words.

Maggie's gear includes:

1. Tecla Shield 

2. Tecla Mount

3. Ablenet Micro Light Switch

4. Tecla Phone Mount


Getting Started with Maggie's Solution