The 4 Best Films About Disability and Quadriplegia

films about disability and quadriplegia

The Golden Globes are a big deal in Hollywood

During this annual award ceremony, both domestic and foreign industries recognize the best film and television releases from throughout the year. At tecla, we had debates about who we believe are going to win Best Movie and Best Actress so naturally, it sparked an excellent idea. Since a lot of our friends are wheelchair users or live with mobility impairments, why don’t we create a list of the best films about quadriplegia? It is all too often that movies display disability and quadriplegia in a negative light, and we are tired of it. The films we have selected surely will inspire you to be the next big actor/actress, detective, or a badass athlete. So Ladies and Gentlemen, here is our list of the best films about disability and quadriplegia. We hope you enjoy our recommendations.

  1. Crime Drama- The Bone Collector

The star-studded cast features Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie, and Queen Latifah early in their careers. The story is about a detective who finds himself in a brutal accident and is left a quadriplegic. With the latest technology, he assists his colleague in pursuit of solving a crime from a bed. The case? A serial killer who is terrorizing New York City. Will they catch him/her? You need to watch to find out!

  1. Sports Documentary- Murderball

This documentary was nominated for an Oscar and went on to win 17 other awards. The story follows the Murderball national teams of Canada, Australia, and the USA. Murderball for those who do not know is essentially rugby. The only difference is that the athletes are all quadriplegic and must play in their wheelchairs. The film shares stories of the players and follows the game Murderball at the Paralympic Games in Athens, Greece.

The wheelchairs are ready for battle! Who will be the ultimate Murderball Champion? You need to watch to find out!

  1. True Story Romance - Theory of Everything

The Theory of Everything follows the life and love story of arguably the most famous quadriplegic, Stephen Hawking. While studying at Cambridge, the brilliant physics student falls in love with Jane Wilde. The film follows their marriage through the ups and downs, the progression of his ALS, and the emergence of his globally recognized career becoming the most celebrated physicist of our time.  

  1. Superhero Action - X-Men Trilogy

X-Men is a trilogy about an academy for superheroes. Its success in the box office has led to eleven films in counting. Since there are so many to choose from, we recommend the original X-Men or X-Men: First Class. What makes the group of heroes super is that they all are learning to cope with their new found powers so it can be relatable for those who are first beginning to deal with a diagnosis. The school is managed by the Marvel leader, Professor X, who we might add is also a quadriplegic. In his power wheelchair, he saves the world from danger while teaching the next generation to be leaders fighting for good.

Wheelchairs are often considered a symbol of weakness. For us, at tecla, we see them as a symbol of possibility! Wheelchairs and other assistive technologies can make the impossible, possible. Let’s be real, regardless if you have a disability or not, what technology is not assistive in some way?

Use this blog as fuel to ignite your passion and ambitions to become a professor, master physicist, or whatever your dreams may desire. With the help of technology and your brilliant capabilities. ANYTHING is possible.

For more information on accessing technology as your first step toward making an impact, consider the tecla-e. Our device enables users with limited upper body mobility to launch and work their favourite apps on smart devices using ability switches. Together, with the cooperation of our equipment and your drive to make a difference, the world is indeed yours to explore. Who knows, maybe one day, you will make the Golden Globes list!

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