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iOS 9 is Here. So What’s New in Apple’s Switch Control for Users with Limited Mobility?

Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was recently updated, and with this update comes some interesting new features. Two of the most relevant new features for accessibility are 3D Touch and Hey Siri. 3D Touch introduces a new way to interact with the screen by measuring the amount of physical force applied to the touchscreen. And Hey Siri allows voice command without having to press an actual hardware button, a feature that was previously only available while the device was plugged in.

Alongside these new features, improvements have been made to the existing array of touch-based accessibility features, including Switch Control, AssistiveTouch and a new feature called Touch Accommodations.

These new updates are especially relevant to current Tecla users and those with Apple devices who are wondering if Tecla is right for them.


How to set up your Tecla Shield (with explainer videos)

How to set up your Tecla Shield (with explainer videos)

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to set up your Tecla Shield.

Get your Tecla Shield ready!

  1. Turn on the Tecla Shield.
  2. Select your Tecla Shield mode (the default mode is Switch Control for iOS and MacOS devices, indicated by the flashing white light).
  3. Connect your input devices, switches or wheelchair driving control to the Tecla Shield. 

Watch this video for an overview of the Tecla Shield and to learn how to set the different modes:


How to independently read with an iPad using one or two switches

People with spinal cord injuries, MS, ALS and other mobility impairments may find it difficult or impossible to handle physical books. While tablets and e-readers can be used by some, touchscreen devices are not always an option for people with reduced hand functionality. The Tecla Shield allows these users to control their smartphones and tablets with any movement that's already within their range of physical mobility so that they can independently control their iPad or iPhone. 

We are often asked how Tecla users can use their Tecla-enabled device to read using one or two switches, so we've laid out our recommendations here.


Seeking in this new year: beta testers for Android Jelly Bean

In this great new year of 2015, we're on the hunt for beta testers!

We're obviously passionate about being the solution to inaccessible experiences. That's why we're launching our Tecla Next Beta Testing Program for Android users. This is especially for those who can't wait to get their hands on our next product, Tecla Next, a little early. We are looking for tough critics who accept nothing less than perfection in every product they use. And if you're the type who doesn't mind dealing with a few bugs, here's your chance to help us enhance Tecla for all.