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Give the Gift of Accessibility This Holiday Season!

Give the Gift of Accessibility This Holiday Season!


This holiday season, we invite you to join Tecla and Ontario March of Dimes Canada in sharing the gift of accessibility. For every $175 USD we raise, we will match you, dollar for dollar, and donate a Tecla to someone who hasn't yet benefitted from accessing mobile technology.


iOS 9 is Here. So What’s New in Apple’s Switch Control for Users with Limited Mobility?

Apple’s operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was recently updated, and with this update comes some interesting new features. Two of the most relevant new features for accessibility are 3D Touch and Hey Siri. 3D Touch introduces a new way to interact with the screen by measuring the amount of physical force applied to the touchscreen. And Hey Siri allows voice command without having to press an actual hardware button, a feature that was previously only available while the device was plugged in.

Alongside these new features, improvements have been made to the existing array of touch-based accessibility features, including Switch Control, AssistiveTouch and a new feature called Touch Accommodations.

These new updates are especially relevant to current Tecla users and those with Apple devices who are wondering if Tecla is right for them.


How to independently read with an iPad using one or two switches

People with spinal cord injuries, MS, ALS and other mobility impairments may find it difficult or impossible to handle physical books. While tablets and e-readers can be used by some, touchscreen devices are not always an option for people with reduced hand functionality. The Tecla Shield allows these users to control their smartphones and tablets with any movement that's already within their range of physical mobility so that they can independently control their iPad or iPhone. 

We are often asked how Tecla users can use their Tecla-enabled device to read using one or two switches, so we've laid out our recommendations here.


What's new in iOS 8 accessibility for users with motor impairments?

In every iteration of iOS, new features are added to improve the user experience for individuals with disabilities.

Here's a list of new features and enhancements in iOS 8 that target individuals with mobility impairments, including spinal cord injuries, strokes, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis and other conditions that would prevent them from using a touchscreen.