5 Brilliant Wheelchair Accessories

5 Brilliant Wheelchair Accessories
Check out these clever and cool wheelchair accessories, they will make life easier and allow you to customize your wheelchair. 

 1. Sun & Rain Canopy


This is a useful accessory for everyday activities. The canopy protects one from the sun and its harmful UV rays and can also act as a shield for heavy rainfall. Don't let the weather ruin your day!

2. Light-Up Casters


These lights up casters are a fun addition to any wheelchair and can also be helpful for navigating in the dark. They come in a variety of sizes and color options.

3. Spoke Lights

If you thought the light-up casters were cool, then you will probably also like spoke lights. Spoke lights are clear blades that attach to your wheel spokes. These blades have LED lights inside and can be programmed to display a message or design when your wheels spin.  

 4.CARE-E On


This device lets you take someone else along for a ride. The Care-E On is a standing platform that connects to the back of an electrically powered wheelchair. The platform can hold up to 300 Ibs and does not add additional weight to the wheelchair.

4. RehaDesign Wheelchair Slippers




When people come into your home do you ask them to take their shoes off? You probably do since you wouldn’t want dirt from outside to land up on your clean floors. The same applies to the wheels of a wheelchair, similar to the sole of a shoe, a wheel accumulates the dirt and dust from the sidewalk. These wheelchair slippers act as a shield and prevent dirt from spreading inside your house.

5. FLORA Essentials Bag

This is a versatile unisex bag that attaches discreetly to a wheelchair. There is an embedded magnet on the bag which joins with the attachment system placed on the wheelchair. These bags are made from genuine leather and can also be worn across the body. They come in bright colors such as orange, yellow, and pink as well as classic hues like black and blue. 


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