Personal Blogs about Spinal Cord Injury

Personal Blogs about Spinal Cord Injury

Hear first-hand stories of those who live with a spinal cord injury. These personal blogs share and highlight struggles as well as triumphs. The accounts are honest and sincere and give the reader a profound perspective on what life is like when one’s ability and independence are compromised. Despite challenges and obstacles, there are many success stories.   

1. Struggling with Serendipity

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At 14 years-old Beth became paralyzed after a car accident. Along with her mother, Cindy, they started a blog and have been actvists spreading awareness. Beth graduated from Harvard with honors in health policy, she then went to Stanford for law school and is a lawyer in Washington. She sits on the American Bar Association’s Commission on Disability Rights and often does pro-bono work for non-profit organizations, she is also on the Board of Directors for the organization AbleThrive. Beth’s mother, Cindy, is also an activist and a member of several groups, including Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation,  Warrior Momz, and AbleThrive.

Her blog mentions her progress as a world-famous paraplegic swimmer. Before her injury, she was not a swimmer and decided to pursue a new sport. She was the first member to join the Women’s  Harvard Swim Team with an apparent physical disability Currently, she holds fourteen American swim records. Aside from swimming, the blog talks about Beth’s travels, caregiving, fear, gratitude and much more… 


2. The Quad Life

This blog is about a man who has been a quadriplegic for the majority of his life. He diarizes his thoughts and feelings and provides tips and advice for handling day-to-day activities. He is also a technological enthusiast and gives his opinion regarding which new technologies are helpful for those with mobility challenges. In one blog he discusses which is better- Google Home or Alexa


3. New Dawn ~ New Day ~ New Life

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A few years ago, Kristen’s husband, Jeff sustained a spinal cord injury and became a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic. She talks openly about the difficult transition, her new responsibilities and how grateful she is for her family. 


4. Diary of a Quadriplegic

Terri suffered from a fall that broke her neck, she was unable to move and waited almost 2 days until someone came to help her. Her challenging times have strengthened her faith and she enjoys discussing her religious perspectives. She is an excellent and captive writer and instills strength in her readers.


5. typical guy, atypical situation

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A beautifully written and well-designed blog! It’s humorous and touching and will keep you engaged with the many photographs. Kenny became quadriplegic after a car accident, he has nevertheless traveled the world and forced himself out of his comfort zone. Kenny also has a site that offers resources and they host community events in Washington.


6. The Life Quadriplegic

Alex writes relevant articles about tech, gaming, travel, and accessible music festivals. His content is great and informative, and he offers many resources and additional links to other blogs and useful websites.


7. Quirky Quad Diaries

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These stories are wild and crazy, and you just wouldn’t believe them, but they are all true. Ali lives her life to the fullest, she did so before her accident and continues to do so. She has done crazy hikes in her wheelchair, conducted online dating experiments, and much more…

 Ali also shares the intimate details of her medical operations and has such an authentic tone in all her posts that you instantly feel connected to her. 


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