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Q&A with Owen McGirr - Tecla user and creator of SayIt!

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SayIt! is an iOS application that helps disabled people speak.

Tell us about yourself 
I'm 21. I live in Donegal, Ireland. I started programming at the age of 15 and it's really been my passion ever since. I just love the idea of helping people in my situation. If I can make a difference in even one life then that would just make me so happy. Technology is so so vital for everyone but for disabled people it's a gateway to a relatively normal life. This is why I want to dedicate my life to building applications and technology that disabled people can really benefit from. Everyone deserves normality. 

How long have you been using Tecla and what impact has it had in your day-to-day?

That's a loaded question. The Tecla Shield has done so much for me. I bought my first one in 2013. I use it basically 24/7. It has enabled to build new relationships. Especially one very special relationship. I really owe it so much. 

Photo of Owen and his girlfriend
What's the app?

SayIt! is an iOS application that helps disabled people speak. The current version is very simple but version 1.1 will include word prediction. The word prediction algorithm is like nothing I've ever seen before. You can use abbreviated words and word prediction will predict the word you want. So, for example if the user types "abt", the word "about" will be predicted. I have used many word prediction systems over the years. I think I know what does and doesn't work.  Of course, the application is fully accessible with Switch Control. 
Screenshot of Sayit!
Why did you create it?

I actually created the application for personal use. I have an accessible van. I needed a way to talk to the person driving and I just didn't like the applications that were out there. They were either poorly designed or really expensive. So SayIt! was born. 
What do you see in the future?
I have some other features to implement in SayIt! as well as some other completely new applications. Shhh :)
To learn more about SayIt! click here


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