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Empowerment is what we do best. 

Tecla provides technology access to individuals living with:

ALS | Cerebral Palsy | Muscular Dystrophy  | Multiple Sclerosis 

Spinal Cord Injuries & Other Mobility Impairments


✔ Technology Access

The tecla-e is a multi-function assistive device that allows for control of ALL smart devices including smart phones, tablets, computers and smart home devices. Tecla-e can provide you with the freedom to explore the online world. Some of our users have been able to start their own businesses, move out of their caregivers home, and much more.

✔ An Affordable Solution

The main issue with most assistive technology is that they have one specific purpose, therefore it would be necessary to purchase separate equipment for different devices. Buying a variety of equipment can become costly. Tecla-e encompasses all the functions of other assistive devices into one compact black box.

✔ Peace of Mind

Do you want to know the best part about tecla-e? It is App Enabled. Compatible on iOS and Android, the Tecla App works as a universal remote to make control of all your favourite technology easy. 

Speak with a Specialist

Speak with a Specialist

Our team understands how difficult it can be to choose assistive technology that works best for your movement ability. 

Schedule a free phone consultation with an individual from our support team to discover if Tecla is right for you.

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Try Tecla

Try Tecla

Why not test the product at one of the demo locations? We are confident that you will love what the tecla-e has to offer.

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Easy Payment Plan

Easy Payment Plan

Pay in increments which work best for your financial situation. Do not delay freedom any longer. 


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If you spend extended portions of the day in bed or are bed-ridden for a medical condition, you can still be productive, stay in contact with friends and family, and be entertained.   At Komodo Open Lab, we have been asked often, by caregivers and patients, "what options there are for communication, entertainment, and environment control from bed?"

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The Tecla App

With the launch of tecla-e, the new Tecla application is now available on both Android and iOS devices to accompany its features and give users more ways to connect to their smart devices. With the app, users can manage their tecla-e hardware and control all devices in one place.

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