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How an iPhone Changed a Paralyzed Veteran's Life

How an iPhone Changed a Paralyzed Veteran's Life

This article was originally published on Mashable.com.

While serving in Iraq as a medic in the U.S. Army, Ian Ralston was hit with a tiny ball bearing from an IED in 2010. He was left paralyzed from the neck down.

Despite the hardship, Ralston quickly adopted a "make the best of it" attitude. "To me, there's absolutely no point in being upset about it," he told the told the WCF Courier nearly a year after he was injured.

"I mean, yeah, it sucks. And if I had my choice, no, I wouldn't be in a wheelchair. But this is what I got right now. So I might as well make the best of it. If all you want to do is be upset about it, it's just going to make it that much harder for you to live with it, to cope with it. So I got past that quick."