Unboxing- Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

Unboxing- Logitech Adaptive Gaming Kit

Logitech recently released the Adaptive Gaming Kit. The kit is designed to be used in combination with the Xbox Adaptive Controller, it contains a set of high performance and durable switches.

When we saw the announcement, we got very excited as most of the switches included in the kit can also be used with tecla-e. It’s exciting to see more mainstream tech companies getting into switch access!

As soon as we were able to, we ordered a kit and now we have it in our hands!


The kit includes:

  • 3 large round button switches (about 2.5” diameter)
  • 3 small round button switches (about 1.5” in diameter)
  • 4  light touch switches (minimal travel and force required for activation)
  • 2 variable triggers (unfortunately these are not compatible with tecla-e, they are used for actions that vary depending on how much you press like the gas pedal or brake in a driving game)
  • 2 sets of stickers to label your switches
  • 2 velcro boards to mount your switches (one is flexible)
  • Velcro to mount switches and cables

The switches feel great, and the kit includes all you need to use them with your Xbox Adaptive Controller. If you want to take your switches beyond gaming you can use them with tecla-e. You’ll be able to use them for:

  • Controlling your entire smartphone, tablet or computer using a switch accessibility feature or software
  • Trigger a specific gesture on an iPhone or iPad using Switch Control’s recipes to turn pages in an eBook or play Mario Run or Flappy Bird
  • Control a smart home appliance with a switch

 We hope you enjoy this blog post, let us know if you have any questions.

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