Tecla User Todd's Internet Enabled Home -- The Quadthedral

Tecla User Todd's Internet Enabled Home -- The Quadthedral

You may know Todd for his full and fiery beard or his beautifully (and hilariously) candid Keynote speech at Apple’s WWDC.

Todd Stabelfeldt

We’ve known Todd for a few years now. A Tecla user since February 2014, Todd has been running his technology consulting company from his iPhone by using Tecla, his wheelchair chin joystick, and additional proximity switches.

Todd is a prominent member of the quadriplegic community and has been dubbed “The Quadfather”. His home, otherwise known as the Quadthedral, is fully retrofitted to suit his needs. With Tecla, Switch Control and Siri, Todd controls his home devices and appliances compatible with HomeKit allowing him full control over his doors, locks, lights, blinds, entertainment and alarm systems.  See what internet enabled home appliances he uses and how he runs the Quadthedral in Apple’s latest accessibility campaign video:


Todd uses a combination of Philips Hue light bulbs/strip and Lutron Caseta light switches/wall plugs controlled via Homekit.


Todd's home is equipped with Schlage Sense and Schlage Connect locks.


The blinds in the Quadthedral are made by Lutron and controlled via Homekit.

Security system

Todd's security system is made up of DSC Power Series with DW Spectrum and controlled on the phone through the RTI application.

Door Opener

Todd's door opener mechanism is made by NABCO and controlled through his phone via the RTI application.

 What internet enabled appliances are in your home?

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