The Best Smart Device Mounts for your Wheelchair

The Best Smart Device Mounts for your Wheelchair

Last year, we wrote a blog about the best tech accessories to use with your manual or power wheelchair. After popular demand, we’ve put together a new list of accessories that will bring out your inner techie. The theme we chose for this blog is device mounting systems, which are essential tools to start using smartphones, tablets, computers, and switches hands-free via tecla-e. This is not a sponsored post, just our honest opinions!


Smartphones Mounting

1. Tecla Phone Mount

This phone mount made both lists of wheelchair tech accessories and is one of the most popular items purchased by our customers through the Tecla website. The Tecla Phone mount works with any mobile phone when mounted to the tubing of a wheelchair. The clamp and industrial-grade Dual-Lock fastener (similar to Velcro) locks the mount in place and keeps your phone safely attached. Alternatively, you also have the option of choosing a clip fastener that attaches to OtterBox Defender cases. With an adjustable gooseneck, it’s easy for users to customize the height and viewing angle. Watch this video for a demo of the Tecla Phone Mount!


2. RAM® X-Grip® Large Phone Mount with RAM® Tough-Claw™ Small Clamp Base

Ram Phone Mount Product Shot

A smaller, but equally secure phone mount that we’d recommend is the RAM X-Grip Large Phone Mount. We recently used the RAM X-Grip on the side of a desk to record a video hands-free. The cradle is ideal for larger phones like the iPhone XS Max and Google Pixel 2 XL and the loaded springs makes it easier to switch between viewing your device in landscape and portrait mode.


Ability Switch Mounting

ASL 602 Adjustable Switch Mounting Arm

ASL mount product shot

In order for a user to access their smart devices with an ability switch like the Buddy Button or Pillow Switch, positioning the switch is key. Each user has different levels of mobility, so one user may use a switch to access their iPhone by tilting their head to the side to activate it, while another user has the same switch positioned to be activated with their elbow. That’s why we like a flexible mount like the ASL 602 for your switches that is also strong and sturdy.

Laptop/iPad Mounting

The DAESSY Rigid Mount (DRM1)

daessy rigid mount

This dual mount can be used to attach laptops, iPads, and AAC devices to a wheelchair. Two tubes connect to form a right angle structure that is supported by a clamp that is permanently attached to the wheelchair. Looking for something a little more flexible? The ROP Version is nearly identical to the Rigid Mount except for that it has a removable clamp. This version is ideal for people who use multiple power chairs or want their devices mounted in a way that would prevent transferring. Whicher version you prefer, DAESSY can customize the mount to create different lengths and shapes of the tubes to adapt the Rigid Mount to any wheelchair.


iPad/AAC Mounting

TABGRABBER Wheelchair Tablet Mounting System

tabgrabber mount

This tablet mount was designed specifically for power wheelchair users who will not be accessing their device using the touchscreen. The mount can be perfectly positioned to the user by adjusting the height, angle, and placement on the tubing of the wheelchair and is optimized for hands-free viewing. That means this mounting system is perfect for Tecla users who live with limited upper body mobility as a result of spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, ALS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and stroke.

Other tablet mounts:

    1. Ideas Lift and Lock

    2. The Joy Factory Unite Universal Tablet Headrest Mount


Mounting for Bed

The DAESSY Rolling Mount

Daessy rolling mount

This independent floor stand can mount both laptops and tablets, is height adjustable, and wheels that lock! It can even be dismantled for easy transportation and storage. We love using this mount to demonstrate Tecla devices for people at varying eye levels and recommend it to all of our users for when they use their tablets while in bed!

Positioning is one of the key factors in accessing technology for users with limited mobility who use tecla-e to access their devices through ability switches. Often, just a few centimetres can make the difference between being able to use a device or not. This is why having a flexible mounting system that stays in place is essential, as everyone should be able to access smartphones, tablets, computers, and smart home technology in their own way.

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