Introducing the new tecla-e™!

Introducing the new tecla-e™!

tecla-e is the newest version of tecla. The cloud-connected assistive device provides users with control of their smart-devices and environment. 

tecla-e is for anyone who cannot easily use a smartphone, tablet computer or household technology independently. This includes those with limited upper-body mobility resulting from spinal cord injuries, multiple sclerosis, ALS, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, brain injuries, or stroke.

Whether you want to send and receive emails or text messages, browse the web, watch videos, launch and use your favourite apps, read a book, change the TV channel, adjust the room's temperature or make a phone call -- tecla-e provides you with hands-free access to do it.


Multiple Device Control Icon Built-in Button Icon App Enabled Icon
 Multiple Device Control

tecla-e can connect with and control up to eight devices

Built-in Button

tecla-e has a light touch button built-in for those with moderate mobility

App Enabled

Companion apps to set up and control your devices 

Long Lasting Battery Icon Remote Monitoring Icon Built-in Sensors Icon
Long Lasting Battery

Battery lasts 48 hours with continuous use 

Remote Monitoring

Family and caregivers can monitor a user via tecla-e

Built-in Sensors

Sensors track location, temperature, and activity

  • Simple remote interface for those unfamiliar with technology or with cognitive issues 
  • Simple access and control of internet-enabled appliances (lights, doors, TV) via IFTTT
  • Upgradable firmware
  • Compatibility with industry standard switches and wheelchair outputs 
  • Companion apps for iOS and Android (for set-up, on-screen remote and device monitoring)

tecla-e connects with Bluetooth-enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers as well as smart home devices. Caregivers and family members can even monitor the user with sensors built into tecla-e which record and track room temperature, movement and location.

tecla-e users can control their phone, tablet or computer with assistive devices such as:

  • ability switches (light touch buttons, sip-and-puff or blinking switches, etc)
  • driving controls of power wheelchairs (via an Environmental Control Unit or Input Output Module)

tecla-e is compatible with:

  • iOS devices with Switch Control (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)
  • Android devices with Switch Access
  • Samsung devices with Universal Switch



connects to

smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

computers (BLE) 

smart-home devices (wifi)

Internet of Things (IoT)

controlled by

built-in button switch

ability switches

wheelchair driving controls

wireless wheelchair driving controls

enables access to
up to eight (8) devices, independently switching between them 

Tecla Shield DOS

connects to

smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android)

computers (Blutetooth)

controlled by

ability switches

wheelchair driving controls

enables access to

one smart-device at a time

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