Meet Christopher Hills, known as the "Switch Master" for his expertise in Apple's Switch Control

Christopher Hills in his mobile editing suite in Brisbane, Australia


As one of Tecla's first beta testers, Christopher Hills has been using the Tecla Shield for almost three years now, while providing valuable feedback that has helped shape the product to be what it is today.


"When I first started using the Tecla Shield, I made my first ever phone call to mum at work. I was 16. This made me realise that a whole new world had opened up to me."


On why he was first drawn to Tecla:

"As an Apple geek, I always admired the iPhone and iPad, even though I couldn’t use them. That was what first drew me to the Tecla Shield."


On what's changed since using Tecla:

"I use the Tecla to control both my Macs to edit videos, run my business, communicate with people all over the world, play games and browse the internet. 

Before, I was limited to only one computer and I had to have my switch hard-wired to it. Now I can come and go from the computer and change computers independently. The Tecla Shield also allows me to interface with Switch Control on OS X whereas the switch I had before was outdated and limited to older Operating Systems."



On using his devices beyond the usual smart functions:

"I control an Apple TV via Wi-Fi. I control 2 electric doors via Bluetooth so I can go between the house and my office independently. I control a WeMo switch for some lights. However, I hope in future to be able to control more of my environment as systems evolve, eg., the internet of things and HomeKit."


On his safety and privacy:

"I have a lot more confidence when I’m left alone, either at home or in public. I can do things on my own whether I am alone or in public by being able to access my phone at any time, eg., networking, entertainment, etc."  


On his overall experience thus far in using Tecla:

“My experience has been very good, not only because the device is excellent, but also because the people who make it know what it is like to be a switch user and are really good at making the experience the best it can be. In my opinion, the Tecla Shield has always had more of the kind of features that allow me to develop independence than other switches."


For more on Christopher, follow him on Twitter and watch for his upcoming book on Switch Control!

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