Upgrade your Tecla Shield!

This page will help you upgrade the firmware in your Tecla Shield to version 1.5. This version includes the following improvements:

  • Switch hold actions can now be enabled on App Control (blue) mode.

Improvements from previous versions also include:

  • Compatibility with iOS 9 switch hold times
  • Android-mode battery level reporting when using the Tecla Next app.
  • 1 to 1 switch press/release events over USB


In order to upgrade your Tecla, you will need:

  • The micro USB cable that shipped with your Tecla (any other micro USB cable will work just as well),
  • a computer (Mac recommended),
  • the firefox ESR browser installed in the computer you are using to complete the upgrade, and
  • an internet connection.

Instructions & Troubleshooting

Detailed instructions and troubleshooting guides are available below.


Head over to the Tecla Shield Upgrade page to upgrade your Tecla!


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