tecla-e pre-order update



With the ability to connect and control up to 8 Bluetooth devices and integrate with smart home devices, tecla-e will completely change the way you control your smart devices and environment, hands-free. But you already knew that.

We have always been committed to providing access to all by producing cutting edge tools that bridge the gap between a person and their environment. We are achieving this by spending significant time and effort perfecting tecla-e’s functionality and optimizing its reliability and consistency, especially when it comes to Bluetooth performance, connectivity, and our ability to deliver firmware updates remotely.

Here at Tecla, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of quality and want to ensure that every unit we ship meets this standard without exception. To ensure we meet your expectations we made two important decisions:

  1. We will be doing a soft launch in late August deploying beta units to selected pre-order customers. While we’ve been testing for months with some end-users, everyone is unique and we want to ensure we cover the widest possible range of users. We’ll work closely with these beta testers to ensure set-up is done properly. These are not full production units but they will help us make sure all features are fully tested when production units are shipped. 
  1. We have ordered a small manufacturing run to perform further testing before starting mass production. Due to this, tecla-e’s North American pre-orders will begin shipping in October, rather than August, and our worldwide pre-orders will ship in November. We will let you know when your order is signed, sealed, and on its way to be delivered!

No one likes delays, our team included, and we are very grateful for your continued support.

tecla-e is almost ready, and it will be worth the wait.

The Tecla Team