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✔ Affordable 

Whether you are an occupational therapist, speech-language pathologist, special education teacher or AT provider, Tecla is affordable and offers inexpensive accessories for a fully customizable solution.

Tecla is an inclusive solution that enables anyone to operate multiple electronics. Purchasing an array of single purpose assistive devices add up significantly and does not offer the same seamless experience. Tecla costs $499, while software such as word predictors, voice recognition, and speech generators can cost upward of $1500. 

✔ Available Technical Support and Set Up

Setting up new technology can be difficult. If you need technical support, we will be by your side every step of the way with reliable support you can count on. We also provide step-by-step tutorials for setting up your new device, product usage, and more. 

✔ Improved Quality of Life

With tecla-e, your client’s quality of life will improve by providing them with the opportunity to have more control over the different activities in their life.

Whether it is calling a loved one, playing Angry Birds, changing the channel on the television, or switching the lights off. They will feel empowered, knowing that they do not need to feel dependent on their caregivers for assistance with daily activities.  

✔ Easy Payment Plan

We understand that not having funds can force you to find creative alternatives for supporting your clients’ needs. Our solution will bring ease to your line of work, decrease time spent, and increase the quality of care you provide with an all in one solution for communication and independent living.

Tecla can change the lives of its users, therefore, it should not cost your clients life savings. With the Tecla Easy Payment Plan, your clients can pay in increments that best fit their financial capabilities. We offer Bi-weekly, Monthly, Bi-Monthly increments and flexible payment solutions allowing your clients to be independent NOW.