iOS Modes


The colour of the Tecla Shield's status light indicates the current mode.


Switch Control (white)
This mode works in combination with Apple's Switch Control accessibility feature (available on iOS7 and above). With this mode, you can assign each switch connected to the Tecla Shield to a specific action, such as "Select Item". Download Manual
App Control (blue)
This mode can be used with "switch accessible" iOS apps that use Space and Enter as switch inputs. Download Manual
iOS Classic (purple)
This mode uses Apple's VoiceOver facility. It allows for linear scanning navigation (i.e., next/previous item) and works in all iOS versions. Download Manual
iOS 4-Way (pink)
Like the iOS Classic mode, this mode uses VoiceOver to control the device, but you can move in four directions instead of linearly. It is especially useful when used with a joystick or multiple switches. Download Manual

Help Desk

If you are having trouble installing, configuring or using any of the Tecla set of tools, do not despair! You can consult the Tecla Knowledge Base or contact support so we can help solve your issue!


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