Arcana Strum: Meet your new musical Instrument

Playing music has never been this fun, easy and uplifting

The Arcana Strum is a very straightforward, easy and fully accessible musical instrument. It was created and lovingly crafted so that anyone can enjoy playing the guitar, including individuals with upper extremity strength and mobility limitations. Its customizable switch functionality will allow you to be in complete control.

Feels and sounds like a guitar!

Who is Arcana Strum for?

The Arcana Strum users are people with the following conditions:

Arthrogryposis Multiple Congenita (AMC) Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Cerebral Palsy | Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) | Essential Tremors  

Muscular Dystrophy | Multiple Sclerosis | Parkinson’s Disease | Amputation

Brain Injury (TBI) | Spinal Cord Injury | Other Conditions 

Cognitive and Physical Solution

The Arcana Strum is created to be adaptive and accessible for practically anyone.

How does Arcana Strum work?

The Arcana Strum can be operated by individuals with the ability to use adaptive switches that any body part can control.

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Ergonomic and Inclusive



Narrow handle

It is a simple upright rod similar to a standard joystick handle. 

Designed for audiences who require a unique grip. It is suitable for using the thumb and index finger for holding.

It is convenient for anyone who needs a thinner handle. 

 Y Handle

Allow secures and bonds the hand/foot in cases where the player's muscle tone is very flexible and movements are less controlled. 

The strap can be adjusted to hold a hand or a foot.

Flat Handle

It is similar to the bonded-strip handle, it secures the hand or foot. It has a small size and a flatter shape. 

Allows more flexibility, so players can freely use their arms, wrist, or elbow while strumming.

Ball Handle

It has a ball-styled handle. 

It's smaller than a golf ball and is identical to the handle used in motorized wheelchairs. 

It can be grasped fully with the palm of the hand. 

It is suitable for those who have trouble opening their hand, those with limited finger control, or even those who can only control the base of their wrist.

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The E-box enables connectivity with standard switches and sensors.

The E-Box has six inputs; 5 can be used to replace the five keys, and another can replace the strum stick.

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The 3 Keys Keyboard 

It is an alternative version of the standard Arcana keyboard. 

Simplifies the learning and playing experience.

Replace the 3 keys set instead of the 5 keys set. 

The keys are attached to the instrument by magnets.

Reduce the number of octaves from 3 octaves to 1.5 octaves. 

The three keys mode consists of 7 chords only, instead of the 25 chords available in the standard five keys mode.

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Accessories are not included

User Stories

"The moment when she is creating her own music, playing the sounds that she wants to create without operating someone for assistance it makes her more peaceful, feel more comfortable and empowered."

-Gil's Mother


What is Arcana Strum?

Arcana Strum is a musical instrument that empowers anyone to play guitar. Arcana Strum is extremely easy to just pick up and play, and suitable and accessible for practically everyone. Arcana Strum is a MIDI controller that generates and transmits musical data to MIDI-enabled devices thus requiring it to be connected via USB or Bluetooth to apps like GarageBand.

What is the difference between Arcana and guitar or other ordinary instrument?

Arcana was developed in order to meet different needs of multiple audiences. The instrument provide a simple mechanism and doesn’t require long tedious training. Thanks to its simplicity, it allows people with disabilities to create, enjoy and play music like everyone else.

Despite its simplicity, it provides an exciting playing experience just like guitar, piano or other musical instruments.

How does Arcana Strum Works?

The development of this instrument was inspired by the structure of a standard guitar. That, with the help of unique mechanisms, allows users to play in a way that mimics strumming motions, while pressing the chords and notes.

Arcana has Musical uses through different methods:

Skill 1 - Jam Guitar: In this mode, the Arcana Strum is tailored for students who struggle with learning theoretical music on standard instruments, and allows them to progress in an accessible manner.
Despite its simpler method, this mode still provides a wide range of harmonies and melodies and allows a broad entry into the world of theory and performance in music.

Skill 2 - Chromatic Guitar: In this method, the musical theory is based on traditional instruments structured by halftone intervals, and a very wide range of notes and harmonies.

I like using some musical applications such as Garageband. Do they fit Arcana?

Yes. Arcana may be used with various musical applications such as Garageband and others. You may use songs and pieces from the internet and practice while you’re playing the instrument. In the future, Arcana will also have its own particular mobile application.

Can I play Arcana without a previous musical background?

Yes, of course. You can start playing Arcana even if you never played any other instrument. The method is simple and there is musical guide to help you out.

My family member loves music, but he/she suffers from a mental/physical disability. Will theinstrument still suit them?

In Arcana’s development process, 10s of people, with a wide scope of difficulties and disabilities, tried, experienced and played it. The instrument was developed and designed especially to meet these difficulties – Players use the instrument with their body organs – head, mouth, feet, arm, etc.

The instrument is particularly suitable for these conditions. We also created a simple keyboard of 3 keys instead of the standard 5 keys, to simplify the playing in relevant situations.

Are there any lessons I may join or watch in order to start learning how to play?

Yes, product website includes many lessons for different playing levels. You may watch them under the play section. In addition, there are also occasional group sessions that you may join and experience learning together with other people, from difference parts of the world.

What is the product return policy?

In case you choose to return the product, you may do so while its package is fully sealed and in a period of 14 days from receiving the product. A refund will be provided once the product arrives at our warehouse.

A restocking fee of 8% applies to returned items as well as a $10 cost to return the items to Tecla. These fees are excluded for any products deemed defective.