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✔ Technology Access

The tecla-e is a multi-function assistive device that allows for control of ALL smart devices including smart phones, tablets, computers and smart home devices. Tecla-e can provide you with the freedom to explore the online world. Some of our users have been able to start their own businesses, move out of their caregivers home, and much more.

✔ An Affordable Solution

The main issue with most assistive technology is that they have one specific purpose, therefore it would be necessary to purchase separate equipment for different devices. Buying a variety of equipment can become costly. Tecla-e encompasses all the functions of other assistive devices into one compact black box.

✔ Peace of Mind

Do you want to know the best part about tecla-e? It is App Enabled. Compatible on iOS and Android, the Tecla App works as a universal remote to make control of all your favourite technology easy.