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Increase your Visibility

Your team of Specialists will be able to provide an affordable and multipurpose solution that gives clients access to all mainstream technology andindependence. Furthermore, you will be promoting an environment which encourages education and cutting-edge assistive solutions.

Expand your Reach

Our team is hard at work trying to spread awareness about the tecla-e for it to be in the hands of those who can benefit from its capabilities.

For possible users living in your area, we will refer these clients to your location for an assessment and demonstration to evaluate if tecla-e is a proper fit for them. 

Partner with a Collaborator

Tecla is an innovative and cost-effective solution which is small in size, portable, and removes the need for multiple different pieces of equipment.

We have partnered with Toronto Rehab, Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital and with 150 Assessment Centres across the globe. These partnerships increased Tecla's visibility in the medical and accessibility community. Our many existing partnerships prove the level of trust and reliability Tecla has earned.

Affordable Bundle

We want you to be a success and handle the tecla-e with ease. Therefore, what you need for evaluations we have already bundled together at an affordable price.

Our Assessment Kit includes the tecla-e, a wheelchair mount, and a joystick. Once you obtain the products, you may need support. If that is the case, we will be by your side every step of the way and offer step-by-step tutorials for set up, usage, and more.