tecla-e Sip-and-Puff Switch Kit

$729.00 USD

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The Sip-and-Puff Switch is a dual switch, one switch is activated with a "sip" and the second with a "puff" of the mouth with the included small mouth piece. Perfect for those with little to no neck movement, or addition to other switches for customized control.

The Switch Kit includes the:

    1. tecla-e: An assistive device for people with limited upper-body mobility that allows wireless control of smartphones, tablets, computers, and WiFi appliances by using external switches or the driving controls of a powered wheelchair. 
    2.  Sip-and-Puff Switch*: Dual switch, with two 1/8-in/3.5-mm plug, with Gooseneck or Easy Flex mount, mounting clamp

The Sip and Puff Switch comes in two versions:

  • 19” gooseneck with a 3-way mounting clamp
  • EasyFlex tubing 36″ with the 3-way mounting clamp

Go hands free with the  Sip-and- Puff!

* Due to hygiene reasons this item is non-returnable  

* Due to hygiene reasons this item is non-returnable  


  • 1/8-in/3.5-mm stereo plug
  • Gooseneck mount
  • mounting clamp
  • adjustable cord