Computer Gaming HID Joystick

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The HID Joystick enables people with very limited muscular force and/or movements to operate devices such as computers and game controllers. The joystick can be configured as standard Human Interface Device (HID) mouse, keyboard or joystick.

The HID Joystick is a low force joystick, which can be connected via USB to a devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC), or other USB host devices. This way, you can work or play in mouse, joystick or keyboard mode on your computer (Windows/MacOS), Android or iOS device, or XAC.

Who is HID Joystick for?

Is recommended for people with tetraplegia, (neuro)muscular diseases and other advanced diseases such as amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) or multiple sclerosis (MS).


  • Low force joystick: available in Micro which requires 8.5 gr of force and has a travel of 3.3 mm and Multi (50 gr of force) version and has a travel of 8 mm
  • Can be operated by hand, fingers, chin, and its surrounding areas
  • Contains three HID classes: the HID mouse, HID keyboard and HID Joystick
  • USB Type A connector (adapter required for USB-C devices)
  • Configurable via software (Configuration wool available in Windows only)



Micro Joystick HID

  • Is a very sensitive proportional joystick due to its low operating force (ca. 8 gr - 0.28 oz) and movement (3.3 mm - 0.13 in).
  • Has an ergonomic shape for easy handling. For instance: you can let it rest in the palm of your hand and operate it with your thumb.
  • Is supplied with two tips: small ball and a cup. Use the type which offers the best comfort and use efficiency.


  • Micro Joystick Sensor
  • Micro Joystick ball
  • Micro Joystick cup
  • Micro Joystick mounting set
  • Q2M Rod 50 mm Threaded UNC 1/4x20
  • HID Joystick Interface
  • USB connection lead A to B - micro 1m


Multi Joystick HID 

  • Is a sensitive proportional joystick with reduced throw (8 mm - 0.31 in) and force (ca. 50 gr - 1.76 oz).
  • Is built in a compact and discrete housing with 2 3.5 mm jacks for switch input.
  • Is supplied with a ball as tip.


  • Multi Joystick Sensor
  • Multi Joystick Mounting set
  • Q2M Rod 50 mm Threaded UNC 1/4x20
  • HID Joystick Interface
  • USB connection lead A to B - micro 1m


Basic Standard Configurations

  • HID Mouse: Mouse movement, mouse click, mouse right click
  • HID Keyboard: Arrow keys, Space key, Enter Key
  • HID Joystick: Joystick, 2 Buttons



  • Windows 10
  • MacOS
  • Android
  • iOS (iOS has mouse support from iOS13 onwards)
  • Xbox adaptive controller (XAC)