Meet Tecla user Michael Ogg

Michael Ogg in his home in New Jersey, using Tecla with a chin-operated joystick


Meet Michael Ogg. He's been using Tecla for over a year now. We asked Michael, who lives with multiple sclerosis, to share with us his thoughts since introducing Tecla to his everyday life. 


On why he was first drawn to Tecla:

"As my multiple sclerosis progressed, I became quadriplegic. However, I could still use a chin-operated joystick so the Tecla was the obvious interface to allow me to continue using my tablet computer. The tablet is literally the control center of my entire life: apart from the obvious uses, I use my tablet for all home automation functions. Without it, I would not have the independence that I now enjoy.”


On new hobbies and interests since using Tecla:

“I am now able to do things that I have not been able to do for a while. For instance, using the Kindle app on my iPad, I am now able to read much more. Also, using the SSH app, I am now able to write computer code which had become virtually impossible before.”


On his safety and privacy:

“For safety, it's a huge improvement because I am now able to call for help, whether it be text email or my phone app.”


On the greatest change he's seen within himself since using Tecla:

"I would say that being able to do so much more has made me emotionally much more positive.”  


On communicating with his friends and family:

“Email and text is much easier than before and I am now able to Skype regularly with my family which makes a great difference - to my mother as well as to me.”


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