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Tecla Wheelchair Kit


Tecla Wheelchair Kit
Tecla Wheelchair Kit Tecla Shield Tecla DOS Mount Tecla Phone Mount Tecla Phone Mount Wheelchair cable Tecla Wheelchair Kit Tecla Wheelchair Kit


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The Tecla Wheelchair Kit is ideal for any user in a wheelchair with an Environmental Control Unit looking to control their smartphone or tablet with Tecla. It includes the:

  1. Tecla Shield DOS: An assistive device for people with limited upper-body mobility that allows wireless control of technology by using external switches or the driving controls of a powered wheelchair.
  2. Tecla DOS Mount: For those seeking hassle-free installation, mounting, and recharging of their Tecla Shield. It can secure the Tecla Shield to a bed, wheelchair, desk or any tube or flat surface that's up to 1.4″ thick.
  3. Tecla Phone Mount: A flexible, quick-release mounting system for a smartphone. It can be attached to flat surfaces or the tubing of a wheelchair. 
  4. Wheelchair Cable: Connects to your wheelchair's Environmental Control Unit, which is the device that allows you to use the Tecla Shield directly from your wheelchair’s driving controls.

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