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Give the Gift of Accessibility This Holiday Season!

When we hear the word "accessibility", it is easy to think of ramps, braille and closed captioning.

But what about digital accessibility?

Touchscreen-based devices rule the tech world. But how is someone who has limited or no upper-body mobility supposed to participate in the action? Before Tecla, they simply couldn't because they were not designed with everyone in mind.

This holiday season, we invite you to join Tecla and March of Dimes Canada in sharing the gift of accessibility. For every $175 USD we raise, we will match you, dollar for dollar, and donate a Tecla to someone who hasn't yet benefitted from accessing mobile technology.

Your donation means that someone with limited or no upper-body mobility can surf the web, read a book, hail an Uber, text/call someone special, and so much more.

It means a lot.

To donate, simply click on the image above, or click here. Every dollar counts and gets us closer to our goal of making the world a more accessible place. 


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